Travel: Manila Ocean Park

14 March 2010


Travel: Manila Ocean Park


Manila Ocean Park is the Philippines’ first state-of-the-art Oceanarium, open water marine habitat, boutique mall, restaurant row and function facilities all located in one complex at the back of the Quirino Grandstand.

Manila Ocean Park1

Manila Ocean Park010


Oceanarium has a kid-friendly shallow pool where kids can touch gentle sea creatures.

Manila Ocean Park002


It also has an area for mini tanks holding smaller sea creatures.

Manila Ocean Park003


baby sharks in eggs

Manila Ocean Park004


The Oceanarium is composed of several smaller water divisions such as (1) Agos (Flow) – a trek through a jungle with water cascading from a simulated waterfall that also flows into 8 different water tanks, each containing an intriguing collection of freshwater fauna; (2) Bahura (Coral Reef) – Philippines is known as the “center of the center of marine biodiversity”. Bahura contains 46 tanks that draw attention to the fascinating assortment of coral reef inhabitants; (3) Laot (Fishing Ground) –
Four large tanks display a collection of marine fish from the open sea that are often utilized as food; (4) Buhay na Karagatan (The Living Ocean) a breathtaking 25-meter walk along an underwater tunnel. This attraction, the centerpiece of the Oceanarium, provides an unmatched and truly remarkable encounter with the explosive richness of the underwater world; (5) Ang Kalaliman (The Deep) – jacks are well-known among anglers for the spectacular fights they put up when hooked on fishing line; (6) Pagi (Stingrays) – many different species of stingrays glide from above as you stand beneath this unique overhanging tank; (7) Pating (Sharks) -Â The Philippines is home to several shark species. Though they are often depicted as savage man-eaters, most sharks would prefer to avoid rather than approach people.

Manila Ocean Park005

Manila Ocean Park006

Manila Ocean Park007


Though the Oceanarium was the highlight of the entire Manila Ocean Park Adventure, my favorite area in the oceanarium was the Jellies Dancing Fairies exhibit. The jellies exhibition was extremely breathtaking. The entire area was pitch dark, but as the jellies started dancing, the entire room was then lit solely by changing lights inside the jellyfish tanks. The fairies were beautifully and gracefully swirling translucent stingers around their tanks to the tune of Pachelbel’s Canon in D. The entire experience inclusive of lighting, music, fairy movements of the jellyfish, and the ambiance is definitely worth the extra oceanarium trip.

Manila Ocean Park009

Manila Ocean Park008


Leaving MOP – on the way to the parking area

Manila Ocean Park011


Travel Date: October 2009 (I know, I know, this blog is way overdue)
Budget: PHP 550 per person

– Admission – general public: PHP 400
– Dancing Fairies Jelly Exhibit: PHP 150
– prepare additional cash if you plan to eat in one of the restaurants inside the complex.

Place: Manila Ocean Park, Behind the Quirino Grandstand Luneta, Manila, Philippines
Address: Manila Ocean Park, Luneta, Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number: +632 567 7777
Others: Bring extra cash as several restaurants, stores, and exhibits have opened.

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