Travel: Corregidor

07 March 2010


Travel: Corregidor


Corregidor is a tadpole-shaped island in the entrance of the Philippines’ Manila Bay. Given its position in the bay, it has served as a focal point for the naval defenses of the capital city of Manila. Corregidor is also called “the rock” as it saved as a fortress of Manila Bay during World War II. Situated just near the entrance to Manila bay, Corregidor Island has become one of the main historical and tourist attractions of Manila.

Corregidor Island 006

Corregidor Island 007


Transpo to, from, and around Corregidor – ferry and tranvia buses

Corregidor Island 094

Corregidor Island 095

Corregidor Island 041

Corregidor Island 086

Corregidor Island 092


The Malinta Tunnel is a tunnel complex built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers on the island of Corregidor.

Corregidor Island 030

Corregidor Island 013

Corregidor Island 029

Corregidor Island 027


The Malinta Lights and Sounds show was written and directed by National Artist Lamberto Avellana, while the sculptures were done by National Artist Napoleon Abueva.

Corregidor Island 020

Corregidor Island 023


War Memorials

Corregidor Island 063

Corregidor Island 038

Corregidor Island 039


The island is dotted with artillery and mortar batteries that were used by the American and Filipino soldiers during the Second World War.

Corregidor Island 043

Corregidor Island 045

Corregidor Island 044

Corregidor Island 049

Corregidor Island 047


A short break from the historical tour – Lunch and rest at the Corregidor Inn

Corregidor Island 081

Corregidor Island 083

Corregidor Island 075


The lighthouse is one of the oldest landmarks in Corregidor. A lighthouse with a beam range of 33 miles (53 km). It was first built by the Spaniards in 1836 and was replaced with a better one in 1853.

Corregidor Island 073

Corregidor Island 065

Corregidor Island 066

Corregidor Island 070



Corregidor Island 067


Pacific War Memorial

Corregidor Island 059

Corregidor Island 056


Eternal Flame

Corregidor Island 055


Brothers in Arms Statue – Filipino soldier being supported by an American soldier. The Filipino is badly wounded, with a bandage around his head and with his arm bandaged and in a sling. He is leaning on the taller American soldier. The plaque in front states: “In these hallowed surroundings where heroes sleep may their ashes scatter with the wind and live in the hearts of those who were left behind. They died for freedom’s right and in heaven’s sight. Theirs was a noble cause.”

Corregidor Island 062


More of General Douglas MacArthur

Corregidor Island 032

Corregidor Island 009


Going back to Manila

Corregidor Island 004


Travel Date: March 2010
Budget: 2,500
– Tour with buffet lunch 2000
– Lights and Sound Tour 150
– Smaller Laterals Tour in Malinta Tunnel  150
– Snacks 200
Place: Corregidor Island
Address: Corregidor Island, Cavite (yup, it’s part of Cavite per our historian)
Telephone Number: +632 831 8140;Â +632 834 6857;Â +632 834 6858


Others: If you are a big fan of Carlos Celdran, I hgighly recommend that you join his overnight ‘The Rock’ tour. Bring extra food and drinks to share with the other guests during the sunset potluck party.

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