Travel: Club Fontana, Clark

28 December 2009


Travel: Club Fontana, Clark


Put up a splash of Christmas spirit, Put in a dash of love, Stir up the sounds til you can hear it, Sing out to those you love.


I put up a splash of Christmas spirit to my family in a three-bedroom villa at Club Fontana, Clark. The vacation retreat took full advantage of expansive Arayat mountain view, a lush environment, gardens, path walks, hotel-like clubhose, and state-of-the-art water theme park. The Fontana villas truly elicit emotions similar to arriving home an upscale community in a western country.


“Members can enjoy the luxury of two or three bedroom villas within the expanse of Fontana Leisure Park’s 302 hectare property. Complete with amenities, such as central air conditioning, kitchen and dining, tastefully designed interiors – bedrooms and living rooms, bathrooms and a servant’s quarter, each Villa has been molded into a living, beautiful structure – a home that reflects the resort’s world-class standards. Guests can fish in the man-made lagoon surrounded by age-old trees. The lagoon leads to a swimming pool with Jacuzzi and a pool bar.


Set amongst the expansive views and lush grounds of the Fontana Leisure Park Resort with meticulously landscaped flower and plant gardens, path walkways, Acacia Trees, finely manicured golf courses, and the surrounding mountain ranges, these facilities are about as close as you can get to having a vacation in an enchanted garden.


Stay at these villas or the new luxury hotel and find yourself enveloped in the confines of the entirely new, elegantly appointed Fontana Leisure Park Resort with more to do than ever before.


In the villas, individual patios open to manicured lawns where children can play and frolic. At the luxury hotel, wide carpeted hallways deliver you to your high-end room complete with LCD television and upgraded amenities.

– from”


A Nice Greeting at the Clubhouse



Our 3-bedroom Villa



The grotto




Exploring the Base outside Fontana




The Road to Fontana





Fontana Water Park



Fontana Casino



Fontana Clubhouse



Around the Villa – fishing, swimming in an Olympic-sized pool, jacuzzi bathing, carriage riding





Travel Date: 26-27 December 2009

Budget: PHP 11,000 per member villa (3 Bedroom Villa – – max of 6 pax)

Place: Club Fontana

Address: Fontana Villas Hotel/Resort, Located in the Fontana Leisure Park Resort, C.M. Recto Highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines

Telephone Number: Club Subic Marketing +6345 499 1179 or +6345 499 0695


Package inclusive of:

1. 3 Bedroom Members’ Villa (max of 6 pax)

Centralized air-conditioning

Three full toilet and bathroom with hairdryers

Hot and cold water

Electronic Locks

Cable television

Auxiliary room with toilet and bathroom


Kitchen and Dining Areas

Living Room



Operator-assisted NDD/IDD Facilities

Electrical Outlets – 200V

2. Buffet Breakfast for 3 guests at Cafe Fontana

3. Golf carts availalbe upon request

4. Fontana water park entrance tickets available upon request

Others: Members and guests who are at least 21 years old could go inside Club Fontana

For photographers, I highly recommend that you bring your wide angle lens for landscape shots and your super zoom lens for those nice tight shots.


Explore the world we live in,

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