Travel: Casa de Carlo at Tagaytay

23 May 2010


Travel: Casa de Carlo at Tagaytay


The Tagaytay get-away was a spur-of-the-moment decision to go out of town to escape the summer heat in the Metro. The coolest place nearest the Metro would be Tagaytay.


Given the limited time to prepare and make hotel and resto reservations, I grabbed the opportunity to get a reasonably-priced room at a Spanish bed and breakfast in Tagaytay City. This Spanish bed and breakfast is Casa de Carlo.


Casa de Carlo — The Spanish Villa

Casa de Carlo002 copy

Casa de Carlo006 copy

Casa de Carlo009 copy

Casa de Carlo031 copy

Casa de Carlo032 copy


with an Outdoor Jacuzzi

Casa de Carlo007 copy


Spanish Touch

Casa de Carlo016 copy

Casa de Carlo019 copy

Casa de Carlo034 copy


The Receiving and Recreational Area

Casa de Carlo025 copy

Casa de Carlo026 copy

Casa de Carlo020 copy


The Casa’s Car

Casa de Carlo102 copy



Travel Date: 16-17 May 2010
Place: Las Brisas de Tagaytay Mendez crossing west Tagaytay city 4120
Telephone Number: +63.918.545.6343
For Reservations only. How to Reserve:
Text or Call : (0918) 545-6343
Provide these details:

  • Name:
  • How Many Persons:
  • Date of Dinner:
  • Estimated time of Arrival:

Feel free to leave your comments.

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