Travel: Baguio Children’s Park at Burnham Park

19 May 2010


Travel: Baguio Children’s Park at Burnham Park


Baguio is known for its chilly afternoons, cold evenings, warm fireplaces, and good cuisine. Most tourists drive to the Pine City to go to different Baguio-based restaurants, view parks, old houses, etc. However, one ignored tourist spot remains to be overlooked by adults, but well-loved by kids — The Baguio Children’s Park.


Children could spend severals hours playing on the swings, see-saws, monkey bars, and slides. Adults are left with a few hours of peace and tranquilitly (read: No why questions — Why is the sky blue? Why is the ocean salty? Why is my hair black? etc.) while children play around the park.

Children's Playground028 copy bw select

Children's Playground028 copy

Baguio Children's Playground copy


Swings and Slides- small circle, small circle, big circle
Baguio Children's Playground 002 copy

Children's Playground039 copy

Children's Playground013 copy

Children's Playground022 copy


Monkey bars
Children's Playground016 copy

Baguio Children's Playground 003 copy


Bridges and See-Saws

Children's Playground018 copy

Children's Playground030 copy



Travel Date: 09 May 2010
Place: Baguio Children’s Park
Address: Burnham Park, Kisad Road, Baguio, Philippines
Telephone Number: TBA
Website: TBA
Use of the park and its facilities is free of charge.
Go to the park early in the morning, preferably at 7AM to avoid the excruciating heat and humidity. (I brought my son to the park before 7AM, right before he took his morning shower. Our condo was a stone’s throw away from the park).
Wait for manong taho. He goes around the park at 7:30 AM to offer his strawberry-flavored taho to the playing kids.

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