Travel: Bacolod City

22 February 2010


Travel: Bacolod City


Welcome to Bacolod City!


Bacolod City is the capital of the Province of Negros Occidental which is the Sugarbowl of the Philippines. Bacolod will charm you with the genuine warmth and hospitality of the people. The Bacole̱os will delight you with their cuisine as food is delicious yet inexpensive. Read: we were eating every 2 hours РРfrom the famous Chicken House to lunch at Business Inn to desserts at Calea to steak and drinks at 21 and back to Chicken House for merienda (Yes. Rice + chicken + Spareribs for merienda).


Airport Shots
This airport shot was taken by a good friend.


Me and My Super Zoom Lens – Another flight coming in


The L’ Fisher Hotel



The Famous Chicken House


We also went to the neighboring town of Silay to catch a glimpse of the authentic ancestral houses. We spent an hour in Balay Negrense, which was originally the ancestral house of Victor F. Gaston. “The Balay Negrense (Hiligaynon, “Negrense House”) is a museum in Silay City, Negros Occidental in the Philippines, showcasing the lifestyle of a late 19th-century Negrense sugar baron. It is notable for being the first museum to be established in the province of Negros Occidental.” – wikipedia







We also visited the Ruins of Bacolod City. “The structure of The Ruins is of Italianate architecture with neo-Romanesque columns, having a very close semblance to the facade of Carnegie Hall in New York City. The mansion was built in the early 1900’s by the sugar baron, Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson (1865-1948) and was home to his unmarried children with his first wife, Maria Braga (+1911), a Portuguese from Macau. The mansion was the largest residential structure ever built at that time and had in it one of the finest furnitures, chinawares, and decorative items. The mansion met its sad fate in the early part of World War II when the USAFFE (United States Armed Forces in the Far East), then guerilla fighters in the Philippines, burnt the mansion to prevent the Japanese forces from utilizing it as their headquarters. To this day, the 903 square meter structure still stands tall amidst sugar plantation and continues to awe both local and foreign tourists. Truly, a picture-perfect backdrop and a magnificent sight to see.” – wikipedia


The four-tiered fountain



Front door of the Mansion


Facade of the Ruins



Golden Hour at the Ruins



Cafe by the Ruins – great for late afternoon merienda


More of Bacolod City

Calea for Dessert





Travel Date: 19-20 February 2010

Budget: prepare approximately PHP 8,000 per head
flight: PHP 2500 Manila-Bacolod-Manila (CebuPac promo)
hotel: PHP 3000 L’ Fisher Hotel Promo for BJ Jalandoni’s friends
food: PHP 1000 Chicken House and Chateau food
free Business Inn and 21
pasalubong: PHP 1000 Virgie’s and Bongbong’s
land transpo: free c/o BJ Jalandoni’s driver
museum fee: PHP 40 – PHP 100
Place: Bacolod City and Silay City
Address: Bacolod City and Silay City
Telephone Number: N/A
Website: TBA
Package inclusive of: N/A
Others: Aside from eating, taking pictures and visiting museums in Bacolod and Silay, I highly recommend that you visit nearby Iloilo too.
For photographers, I highly recommend that you bring your wide angle lens for landscape shots and your super zoom lens for those nice tight shots.


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