Travel: Agawan Festival at Sariaya, Quezon

06 June 2010


Travel: Agawan Festival at Sariaya, Quezon


The second stop for the Ultimate Pahiyas and Viaje del Sol tour was at Sairaya, Quezon. Tina Decal, undoubtedly one of the best tour guides in Quezon helped prepare a breakfast buffet for us at the Natalio Rodriguez Ancestral House. The group was serenaded during breakfast and was later offered lambanog to drink.

Sariaya011 copy

Sariaya014 copy

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After the hearty breakfast, the group then proceeded to the Agawan Festival Route.


“The Agawan Festival is an annual agricultural festival held in Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines every 15th May.


The name describes the main feature of the fiesta procession. As the parade winds its way through the streets, people snatch the goodies and other produce hanging on the houses they pass by or on a pabitin, specially made for the parade. At the same time, people in the houses throw food, fruits and money into the parade.”


Residents decorate their houses before the festival.
Sariaya044 copy

Sariaya029 copy

Sariaya022 copy


Colorful buntal hats are festooned all over the façade of houses.

Sariaya026 copy

Sariaya043 copy


String beans are draped on windows to make curtains and banana trees are used to adorn fences and carts.

Sariaya016 copy

Sariaya018 copy


The primary, and most traditional, element in the decoration was the bagakay, or young bamboo branches from which junk food, fruits, candies and money were hung for people to snatch as they pass by.

Sariaya048 copy


Here comes the marching band.

Sariaya042 copy

Sariaya031 copy


Travel Date: 15 May 2010
Budget:Ultimate Pahiyas and Viaje del Sol tour — PHP 4,800 per person (all-in inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner, all entrance fees and demonstrations, tourist bus transportation, the best personal guide in Quezon — Tina Decal), plus surprises along the way.)
Place: Sariaya, Quezon
Address: Sariaya, Quezon
Telephone Number: TBA
Website: TBA
Others: Ultimate San Isidro Festival and Viaje Del Sol Culinary Tour:

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