Food Trip: Pino Resto Bar

26 April 2010


Food Trip: Pino Resto Bar


I was driving around and around and around UP Village looking for Pino Resto Bar. I did four U-turns. Drove a few kilometers and stopped to ask for directions from 2 bystanders. I knew I was at 122 Maginhawa street, but where was Pino Resto Bar?! I knew I parked in front of a unit where Pino “should” be located.


It wasn’t long when I realized that I haven’t been reading a very big board declaring that Pino Resto Bar already moved to Malingap. Ohh smart me! Talk about selective reading.


Pino Resto Bar is an elegant resto which recently transferred from its Maginhawa location to its new slot at Malingap street. I’ve been to Pino Resto Bar for several times, brought and introduced different friends to its cuisine, and amazed family members with its delish food.

Pino030 copy


Resto BAR (Look at the humongous Margarita glasses. Compare them to the big Bailey’s bottle at the back).

Pino026 copy

Pino017 copy


Food is a tribute to the chef’s roots. The chef and his partners are proud of our local delicacies. Hence, the creation of dishes such as kare kareng bagnet, red wine adobong tadyang, crispy tenderloin tapsilog, bagnet and tofu steak, sisig carbonara, kesong puti salad, crispy hito, pino chickent inasal, etc. Dessert also follows the same food theme with scrumptious sweet treats such as chocnut turon, mango banana peanut butter roll, etc.


Kare-kareng Bagnet with Bagoong Rice (absolutely delicious)

Pino014 copy


Gambas and Squid Aligue Pasta
Pino019 copy


Chocnut Turon

Pino024 copy


Pitcher of Iced Tea worth PHP 85 only

Pino007 copy


Food servers are extremely courteous and attentive. They know the menu really well.

Pino012 copy


Art Deco Space
Pino004 copy

Pino006 copy


Restaurant: Pino Resto Bar
Address: 39 Malingap, Teachers Vill, Quezon City
Telephone Number: +632 441 17 73
Budget: PHP 250 – 400 per person
Others: The new location is quite near its old space at Maginhawa Street. From Maginhawa, turn right after Bayantel. The new Pino Resto Bar location is at the right side of Malingap Street (coming from Bayantel going to Kalayan).

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