Food Trip: Pan de Amerikana

23 November 2009

Food Trip: Pan de Amerikana


It was November 21st. My brother just celebrated his birthday a few days prior and my dad will be celebrating his 65th birthday a few days post today. To celebrate their birthdays, I reserved a secluded restaurant/hotel in Antipolo (which is an entirely different story. story to be pubilshed in next post).


We were on our way to Antipolo, one cool mid afternoon when our little boy Sean exclaimed that he was hungry. It was 3 PM, we realized we haven’t had lunch yet! Given that we were in the Bayanbayanan area of Marikina, I gave dad instructions on how to go to the nearest decent (read: non fast food) resto in the area, Pan de Amerikana — a local foodie haven with great ambience and good inexpensive food.


Look at the pictures to check out the ambince for yourself. Go to the resto to experience its food. Look at the pricelist to verify how inexpensive the dishes are. Case in point: “mega sized wheat P5.50, giant Pandesal Pan Amerikano P55, mega-sized ensaymada P10), MARIKINA DISHES (everlasting-P30 and waknatoyP30), FILIPINO DISHES P20-P50 (ILOKANO-longganisa-papaitan-igado, BICOLANO-express-laing, CEBUANO-sinugba, KAPAMPANGAN-sisig bangus-sisig rice-sisig pork, BATANGENO-tawilis), STEAKS P100-P135(T-bone and Porterhouse), SEAFOODS, PASTA (carbonara P30,spaghetti P25), BREWED COFFEE P15, ICED TEA P15, FILIPINO BREAKFAST MEAL P48-(Daing, Longganiza, Tocino, Tapa) VEGGIES (steamed okra P15, laing P25, pinakbet P25)”.


Pan de Amerikana – Marikina (Main Office)
Pan de Amerikana0017 copy


Chess Haven
Pan de Amerikana0014 copy
Pan de Amerikana0010


Life size Chess Pieces Imported from New York
Pan de Amerikana0003 copy


Bridge over man-made river
Pan de Amerikana0013


Wind Mill in the Resto
Pan de Amerikana0011


Kalesa in the Corner
Pan de Amerikana0012


More decors
Pan de Amerikana0004



Restaurant: Pan de Amerikana
Address: Main office is at 92 ordonez street Concepcion dos MARIKINA (other smaller branches at Makati Ave, Greenhills, and White Plains)
Telephone Number: +632 475-2398


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