Food Trip: Chateau Verde

13 February 2010


Food Trip: Chateau Verde


Chateau Verde is a manor house with vast green gardens. Chateau Verde is a hidden garden restaurant in UP Diliman. It is located in a residential area quite near the church, shopping center, banks, infirmary, etc.


Chateau Verde, although located quite near the heart of the U.P. Diliman campus, feels farther away than it actually is. This little pocket of greenery is quieter and more serene than its surroundings and is perfect to go to when you want to enjoy a long, lazy meal in the company of good friends, or if you’re merely looking for a quiet restaurant to go to after hearing Sunday mass or if you need to load up on energy after bike riding around the UP campus.


Chateau Verde001


Portal to the Secret Garden Resto
Chateau Verde007


Artworks Everywhere
Chateau Verde013

Chateau Verde022


Verde Verde Verde and More Verde
Chateau Verde017

Chateau Verde004 copy


Light Meal
Chateau Verde018

Chateau Verde028


Restaurant: Chateau Verde
Address: 63 Apacible St., University of the Philipines Campus,
Diliman Quezon City Quezon City
Telephone Number: +632 928 8180 / +632 927 3035
Website: TBA
Budget: PHP 150 – 300 per person
Others: Chateau is a restaurant in the middle of a garden. Please do not expect the resto to be airconditioned — there’s no need for one anyway as a cool breeze circulates around the restaurant.

Feel free to bring your mountain bikes after a riding around the sunken garden. Park the bikes inside, quite near the dining area.


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