Food Trip: Cafe Juanita

23 November 2009


Food Trip: Cafe Juanita


Filipino-with-a-twist-inspired food + Excellent Restaurant ambience.


Cafe Juanita is a place full of delightful thingymajiggies such as old china, antique chairs, colorful tables, old cabinets, vintage fru frus, aged fountain, and other sorts of Filipiñana-themed-cross-Spanish-inspired clutter.


Go and wander while waiting for your food, you wouldn’t feel bored looking around because something interesting would definitely catch your attention.


As soon as your dish arrives, try to forget the interesting pieces of artifacts around you and enjoy good food. For first timers, I highly recommend Cafe Juanita’s Two-Way Pork Adobo Ribs (Tender pork ribs adobo topped with crispy adobo flakes) and Kare-Kare ni Juanita (one of Cafe Juanita’s specialties — ox tail and tripe stewed in peanuts and toasted rice with tropical vegetables). My little boy Sean loved CJ’s carbonara.


I also would highly recommend that you reserve a table, especially during weekends. It saves you time from waiting in line to be seated and it ensures that you get to be seated in one of the best tables in the resto. I personally like the table farthest the entrance as dining there ensures that I don’t get to be distracted by the passing diners along the aisle.



Restaurant: Cafe Juanita
Address: #2 United St. cor. West Capitol Drive, Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila
Telephone Number: +632 632 0357
Website: N/A
Others: Given that Cafe Juanita’s location is far from malls, I have attached some maps for your reference below, courtesy of google maps.

cafe juanita copy
cafe juanita 2 copy

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