Food Trip: Angels’ Kitchen

01 February 2010


Food Trip: Angels’ Kitchen


Angels’ Kitchen is a restaurant in the North East Greenhills area famous for its convergence of excellent comfort food, cozy atmosphere, cheerful service, and its array of cakes. This restaurant is also known for its signature, most-raved about dish: Pinakbet Rice and Lechon Kawali with Chocolate Bagoong.


I first learned about Angels’ Kitchen from a close friend who lives near the restaurant. He was raving about the service and food, and suggested that I try it out too.


The restaurant is run by five moms who got together to give others the chance to sample their family heirloom recipes. It was perfect to have a family dinner in a restaurant run by 5 family-oriented moms. I decided to hold one of the Pascua dinners in Angel’s Kitchen so that we could experience the cozy ambiance, warm service, and taste its signature dishes first hand.


Angels Kitchen025


Shrimps and Kani with Japanese Dressing
Angels Kitchen022


Salisbury Steak
Angels Kitchen021


Original Pakbet Rice with Chocolate Bagoong
Angels Kitchen020



Angels Kitchen019


The Angels’ Kitchen Ambiance
Angels Kitchen016
Angels Kitchen018
Angels Kitchen017


Restaurant: Angels’ Kitchen
Address: 57 Connecticut St., North East Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila
Telephone Number: +632 744 1018
Website: TBA
Budget: PHP 200 – 300 per person
Others: Feel free to bring your entire family.


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